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Drew Dodson Testimonial

February 23rd, 2012

“My name is Drew Dobson, and I work at the Henderson County Clerks office.  For the past 5 years I have gained up to 40 pounds and have tried multiple diet plans in order to lose weight.  Last year , January 2011, I started doing a Zumba class 2 to 4 times per week, resulting in loosing only a few inches, but no weight loss.  I was very frustrated with myself and thought this would really help my body, and yet after so many months I felt stuck.

I have been a patient of Dr. Nunez for many years, and he knew about my frustration in trying to lose the weight.  He explained to me about a new program called Shape Reclaimed, which was a weight loss program in order to reset a person’s metabolism.  He told me that his wife had lost 45 lbs of adipose fat in 5 months, and that his assistant Karen lost close to 50 lbs.  I later talked to Karen and was amazed at her weight loss.  This perked my interest and I decided to join the program.  To my surprise, I lost 7 pounds the first week (I SAID “7” POUNDS).  I was amazed and thought this was a fluke.  The next week I lost 3 pounds and again thinking, WOW.  At the end of six weeks I had lost a total 25 lbs. and I’m presently (for the past 3 months) on maintenance and I haven’t regained any weight.  I lost OVER 20 INCHES all over.  I went from a very tight size 10 pants or skirt, and now I’m in a size 6 and it feels loose on me.

At first I was scared about change because I had to learn to eat correctly and along with taking my drops 3 times per day, and restricted my calorie intake each day.  I ate my protein, vegetables and fruits each day.  I was not hungry at all.  I avoided soft drinks, sugar, and starch food and also a lot of the snacks foods that I liked.

I am still amazed at what I accomplished and actually feel so much better about myself.  I have more self esteem than I have had in years!  My friends and family have noticed such a difference in me, telling me how great I look, as well as my co-workers.

I am back to exercising, eating well and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  I thank Dr. Nunez and Karen for introducing me to this wonderful easy program and for helping me change my lifestyle.  TRY IT, IT REALLY WORKS!!!!”

Drew Dodson