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May 10th, 2015


Hi, my name is Paula.  I’ve been a patient of Dr. Nunez since he began his practice.  He has kept my spine functioning for optimum health, free of pain for many years.  As the years went by, stress and many sleepless nights took its toll on my body, joints and general well-being.  Family doctor and other specialist put me on Celebrex, Zoloft, and numerous prescription drugs with help in my condition… (Read More)



“In 2002 I was sent to Mayo Clinic for testing. I had been having pressure in my chest with angina. A heart cathe was performed by my heart doctor and my arteries were clear.  When I went to Mayo Clinic they run another heart cathe and injected die to see if I was having coronary spasms with angina … (Read More)


“My name is Susan Matthews and I work for Dr. Nunez. I was very eager to get started on the nutritional supplements after observing so many of our patient’s lives changing over the course of just a few weeks. The combination of receiving Chiropractic care and the correct prescribed nutritional therapy, I witnessed the progress of the patients with improved sleeping, and their energy increasing weekly, as well as having a better quality of life … (Read More)



“I consulted with Dr. Nunez in October of 2010 regarding my chronic fatigue and lack of sleep. He has been my chiropractor for years, and decided to consult with him regarding my health since I seem to have no luck for the past 20 years with my medical doctors. I have seen several doctors, had multiple lab test performed with inconclusive findings … (Read More)


My name is Drew Dobson, and I work at the Henderson County Clerks office.  For the past 5 years I have gained up to 40 pounds and have tried multiple diet plans in order to lose weight.  Last year , January 2011, I started doing a Zumba class 2 to 4 times per week, resulting in loosing only a few inches, but no weight loss.  I was very frustrated with myself and thought this would really help my body, and yet after so many months I felt stuck … (Read More)



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