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Success Stories

February 23rd, 2012

The testimonials just keep coming!  Check out more of our patient success stories below:

My name is Tara Basham and I have worked at Nunez Chiropractic for the past year.  I suffer with Hypothyroidism and immediately for the past two years I have gained unwanted pounds and inches.  Even through rigorous weekly exercise and different dieting, I continued to struggle with weight gain, joint problem, and extreme fatigue.  Repeated lab test and exam revealed that everything was “normal”. … (Read More)


My name is Drew Dobson, and I work at the Henderson County Clerks office.  For the past 5 years I have gained up to 40 pounds and have tried multiple diet plans in order to lose weight.  Last year , January 2011, I started doing a Zumba class 2 to 4 times per week, resulting in loosing only a few inches, but no weight loss.  I was very frustrated with myself and thought this would really help my body, and yet after so many months I felt stuck … (Read More)


My name is Sheri Nunez.  My husband Juan has been very proactive in his approach to wellness and the way he treats his patients.  He knew I was frustrated because of the challenges in losing weight.  I tried to lose weight through other diets plans and exercise.  I have a history of low thyroid since the late 90’s.  In 2003 , my thyroid was completely removed due to a cancerous tumor, and along with the medicine I had to take, I put on additional unpleasant weight …(Read More)


My name is Karen Fletcher and I have worked for Dr. Nunez for many years.  His approach to treating his patients has always been holistic.  The success with Chiropractic care and his nutritional protocol in order to get sick people well has been amazing over the years.  He constantly strives to improve his treatment protocol with his patients in order to give them an alternative to better health.  So when he approach me this past August, 2011 about a homeopathic weight loss program in order to lose the unwanted fat and reset my metabolism, I have to admit, I was skeptical.  Yeah me, middle age, middle spread, enlarged waist line, tried all different exercises, different diets and still packed on the weight and inches …(Read More)


My name is Brenda Womack, I, like many of you, have had to deal with trying to lose weight.  I have tried everything for most of my life…every fad, yoyo diet out there.  The truth is, they all worked, however, when I stopped taking a pill, drinking the protein drinks, etc., I would gain back all of what I lost and 10 more.  Can you imagine how much weight I gained after trying 5 different diets?  50lbs, added to the pounds that I was already over weight.   I Got up to 270 lbs. at the age of 45.  I was digging my early grave one spoon at a time …(Read More)


I want to thank the Doctors at Nunez Chiropractic for their professionalism in assisting me in getting my health back.  The consultation was very thorough about my condition and history.  The examination was very hands-on.  X-rays were taken to determine the condition of my spine.  The report of findings was a thorough explanation of my condition and how my spine was affecting the spinal nerves that was causing a lot of my pain and suffering.  Years of seeing many medical doctors, therapist and specialist … I was told to learn to live with … (Read More)