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Tara Basham Testimonial

March 10th, 2014

“My name is Tara Basham and I have worked at Nunez Chiropractic for the past year.  I suffer with Hypothyroidism and immediately for the past two years I have gained unwanted pounds and inches.  Even through rigorous weekly exercise and different dieting, I continued to struggle with weight gain, joint problem, and extreme fatigue.  Repeated lab test and exam revealed that everything was “normal”.

I noticed many successful patients getting well and losing weight through the SHAPE ReClaimed anti-inflammatory program.  I discussed this with Dr. Nunez, and upon further evaluation he indicated that I was a candidate for the Shape program.

I noticed results the first week by losing 8 pounds and less joint swelling.  80 days later and I lost 40 Lbs. and 53 inches.  WOW!!! 

I have more energy, no joint issues, sleep better and by the end of the day I feel great. 

Three months later I still feel great, I continue to eat healthy and have not put any of the original weight back on.  I continue to follow the healthy lifestyle and exercise. 

The program is awesome and easy to follow.  Most important you are not left to just wing it.  It is supervised and with Karen and Dr. Nunez guiding patients for the detox program. 

My metabolism has been readjusted to a level where I eat the right amount of anti-inflammatory foods without ever feeling hungry.   I feel so much better than I have in years.”


–Tara Basham