“I consulted with Dr. Nunez in October of 2010 regarding my chronic fatigue and lack of sleep. He has been my chiropractor for years, and decided to consult with him regarding my health since I seem to have no luck for the past 20 years with my medical doctors. I have seen several doctors, had multiple lab test performed with inconclusive findings. I even saw an alternative doctor with still no improvements in my general well being. My most recent treatment involved B12 shots, which literally rendered me lifeless for several hours after receiving the shots. It was suppose to boost my energy, and instead it completely zapped me.

Dr. Nunez reviewed my lab works, checked my vitals, and also went over the questionnaire he had me fill out. I told him that I have suffered with low energy for years. I couldn’t sleep. I had so much problems going to sleep or staying asleep. I couldn’t think clearly, had no energy and felt tired all the time. My muscle and joints ached all the time. I had so many problems trying to complete my daily task of part-time work and normal household chores.

Along with my chiropractic care, he recommended nutritional products to help me.
I was put on 5 HTP for my sleep along with Melatonin, complete multivitamin/mineral, digestive enzymes, and adrenal cortex for my energy. In addition, some hypothyroid support for my low functioning thyroid.

Well, I didn’t see much progress for awhile. I continue to have problems, and just when I thought maybe it was working, it was short lived, and I would be down again. Finally after a 3 or 4 months, I TURNED THE CORNER. I started to sleep better. One morning I got up and realized I slept for 8 hours. When I got up, I had felt like getting up and doing things. Each passing week, things started to happen. Last weekend I was out on the farm with my husband for an hour helping him gather some fire wood. The other day I transplanted some Vinca from a flower to a bare spot. My energy level was coming back. I got up one morning and dust mopped all the hard wood floors in the house before I went to work! I felt good all day and when I got home I did a little more house work.

I still have some moments of not doing as well, but at least I’m having more good days than bad.

Yes, getting much better. Thank you very much. I probably would have been much worse instead of better if it had not been for your care. I really appreciate you!!!!!!”

— J. Skaggs
April 2011

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