Chiropractic Adjustments


Health History

The first step for a new Chiropractic patient is filling out a complete health history form. Old injuries, chronic problems, and your present symptoms are recorded on the form for study. All members of the staff are always available for a complete and thorough discussion with you.

If you are a new patient, you can print out the health history forms here to speed up the process when you arrive at Nunez Chiropractic, P.S.C.

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After reviewing the health history, the Doctor meets with you to discuss the problem and how it can be best treated through Chiropractic care. The Doctor talks with you about how the physical strains have affected your health by precipitating spinal misalignments called subluxations and subsequent impingement of the nervous system.


The Examination: Tests

Checking the spinal range of motion is a regular part of the physical exam. In addition, reflexes, chiropractic, spinal, orthopedic, and neurological tests are performed.


The Examination: X-Rays

A Chiropractic physical includes full-length X-rays of the spine, an important innovation of Chiropractic. These standing X-rays show your spine in its natural weight-bearing state. Subluxations are determined by careful analysis of the X-rays, palpation of the soft tissue of the spine, range of motion studies, and tests with instruments.



After the Doctor has studied the health history and x-rays, he meets again with you to explain the results of your exam and the recommended course of Chiropractic care. A complete information panel is available, along with other instructional aids so that any and all questions you may have can be answered. The Doctor will also explain the spine and subluxations.


Chiropractic Correction

The adjustment or correction of a subluxation is the means of care provided by the Chiropractor. Dr. England is shown here adjusting the vertebrae in the upper back. Padded tables of several types are used for adjusting, including a mechanized version which accommodates a wide variety of postures.


Therapeutic Treatment

The first adjustment begins to restore your vertebra to its natural position. The soft tissues, the muscles and ligaments are stretched when your vertebra is in an unnatural position, so these tissues must have time to “rehabilitate.” Normally, proper muscle tone, ligament position, and the shape of the vertebrae will keep the your vertebrae in place. Most patients will have a treatment period ranging over a couple of months and will continue Chiropractic care on a regular basis so they will benefit from the kind of health preservation that Chiropractic provides.

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