“In 2002 I was sent to Mayo Clinic for testing. I had been having pressure in my chest with angina. A heart cathe was performed by my heart doctor and my arteries were clear.

When I went to Mayo Clinic they run another heart cathe and injected die to see if I was having coronary spasms with angina. The test showed immediately and I was diagnosis as having Severe Coronary Spasms with Angina. I was put on channel blockers, beta blockers, and nitro patches and spray. Over the years the spasms have gotten a lot more severe than at first. My medicines have been increased and several more added. Also along with the medicines comes several side effects, swelling, fatigue, weight gain. Since I was first diagnosed the spasms have gotten worst going from once in a while to almost everyday.

I was in Dr Nunez’s office one day and had an attack I didn’t think he was going to let me leave. Then he got to talking to me about a natural medicine to try. I thought is it going to hurt, I was already told I would just have to learn to live with this. He started me on Healthy Heart Pack of vitamins, Co Q 10, and Perfusia-SR . I have been taking them now for 4 months my spasms and angina have gone to once every 3 weeks. I have more energy and feel better. My goal is to see if my heart doctor will let me cut back on some of my medicine and eventually maybe go off all. But I know this will take a while.

I would like to thank Dr. Nunez for giving me my life back. He has a good heart and really cares about people and their health.

Thank You Dr. Nunez!”

— Brenda Caton

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