Hi, my name is Paula. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Nunez since he began his practice. He has kept my spine functioning for optimum health, free of pain for many years. As the years went by, stress and many sleepless nights took its toll on my body, joints and general well-being. Family doctor and other specialist put me on Celebrex, Zoloft, and numerous prescription drugs with help in my condition. Last spring 2010, I hit rock bottom with multiple complaints, and at that point I realized that I needed to something different. Dr. Nunez introduced me to a healthier way to keep my pain under control and my mood positive. I needed to start to sleep on a more regular cycle than what I have been doing for several years.

Dr. Nunez prescribed a high potent clinical nutrition type of supplements in order to rebuild the stress coping glands (adrenals, and neurotransmitters). He placed my on the Fibromyalgia jumpstart formula which involved the 5-HTP for my sleep, multi-vitamin, digestive enzymes and adrenal cortex for my low energy. Within two months I started to notice progress with my sleeping, my pain decreased, and my energy was slowly improving. I was on my way to better health.

Then I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I began radiation treatments and my body started to relapse to the point of daily pain, my sleep pattern was worse again, and my energy level was plummeting again. I had to stop or reduced what supplements he had put me on at first due to the cancer treatment.

The cancer treatments ended in December of 2010, and my nutrition supplement regiment was back in full force. Today, I have turned the corner. Each passing month since January my overall well being has improved. The 5 HTP has helped my sleep. The high potent multivitamin has improved my general well-being along with regular chiropractic treatments. The adrenal cortex has helped the energy level improve as well. I also take the Same product which helps for mood and pain. Last week I was able to work at my mother’s house and help her with her yard and landscaping, all during a major heat wave.

I am so grateful to Dr. Nunez for his passion and concerns for the well being of his patients. I know my health will continue to improve naturally, without having to be depended on prescription drugs.

Paula Collins

Henderson, Ky.

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