“My name is Susan Matthews and I work for Dr. Nunez. I was very eager to get started on the nutritional supplements after observing so many of our patient’s lives changing over the course of just a few weeks. The combination of receiving Chiropractic care and the correct prescribed nutritional therapy, I witnessed the progress of the patients with improved sleeping, and their energy increasing weekly, as well as having a better quality of life.

I personally dealt with problems of going to sleep or staying asleep. I literally had zero energy in the morning, and I seem to drag all day. In order to get some boost of energy, I would drink coffee, or sodas throughout the day, plus I had my personal stash of chocolate at my desk for a quick sugar high. I just didn’t have the energy, mental focus, and at times felt so lifeless. I also suffered with a lot of migraines, muscle and joint achiness.

The turning point came around December 2010, when my family doctor discovered a lump on my throat area. He ordered a biopsy of my thyroid gland and thank God it was benign. I didn’t need more stress in my life as I’m dealing with my mother’s cancer issues too. My family doctor then told me that my lab work for the thyroid panel was normal, as well as the other lab tests. I would just have to learn to deal with it and learn how to handle stress. He didn’t give me much information.

I told Dr. Nunez about my problems, and he suggested that I complete the health questionnaire, and he also did a few tests. After he reviewed my lab work, the questionnaire, and his tests, he told me my problem with sleep was due to a depleted neurotransmitter (serotonin) in my brain that allows for my sleep to kick in, that my adrenal glands were severely fatigue due to my stress level and that my general well being was due to poor diet, stress, lack of sleep, and a spinal pressure from many misaligned vertebrae in my spine. He prescribed the 5-HTP for sleep, a complete multi-vitamin/mineral supplement, and the adrenal cortex supplement to help my adrenal fatigue. Within 2 to 3 weeks, my life started to change. Gradually each night I started to sleep better and longer without waking up several times. My energy level started to improve by the second week, and now I’m feeling more focus than ever before.

I’m glad that there is a natural approach to my condition. I’m able to function better each day, and with the chiropractic care and the nutritional therapy, my body can now start to function at its optimum.”

–Susan Matthews

Spottsville, Kentucky

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